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Andis Cord / Cordless Detatachable Blade Clipper / Trimmer


  • Cord / cordless unit carries enough charge for one full hour of heavy-duty use. Charger stand recharges battery in an hour!
  • Ni-MH battery for superior performance and less memory effect
  • Cord / cordless clipper / trimmer can be used with or without the cord attached
  • Equipped with protection circuitry to prevent over charging
  • Charger stand designed to run cool with efficient ventilation system
  • Stand equipped with easy-to-read charging indicator light
  • Detachable blades for easy changing and cleaning
  • KIT INCLUDES: 4 clipper blade attachment combs, detachable square clipper blade, detachable trimmer t-blade, blade cleaning brush, blade guard, clipper oil, charger stand, transformer cord

Our price: $69.95

Andis Cord / Cordless Detatachable Blade Clipper / Trimmer

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